PNH Support

PNH Support is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charities Commission. The organisation was started in 2015 by patients who recognised the need for an independent, patient led, legal platform through which we could engage with the many stakeholders in our world. These include the NHS, the PNH National Service, homecare providers, pharmaceutical companies. We hope this website provides a place that those who have been living with PNH for some time as well as the newly diagnosed can find reliable and relevant information.

PNH Scotland

PNH Scotland is a relatively new charity, registered in November 2011. The charity’s objectives are to raise awareness of PNH and to ensure all patients have access to the relevant treatment they need. The aim is to provide a point of contact for patients and their families to make sure those affected by PNH do not feel isolated or unsure of the condition.

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust

We are the only charity in the UK dedicated to research into aplastic anaemia and allied rare bone marrow failures, and supporting everyone affected nationally.